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Garrouzoo takes pets seriously – without forgetting that pets just want to have fun!

Garrouzoo, Inc. was founded in 2004 to provide comfort, safety and happiness to pets. Scroll down to learn about all of the businesses that make up the Garrouzoo family.

birdSftuff Logo
birdStuff™, our retail store in Orange, CA, provides healthy diets, supplies, and toys for exotic birds that represent “all the best stuff for the discriminating parrot.”  birdStuff™ is also the home of premium avian boarding services that emphasize safe and secure accommodations.
Kitty Kollar® produces a patented medical collar worn by cats and dogs that undergo insertion of a feeding tube. The collar increases the comfort, cleanliness, and security/stability of the feeding tube.
Kozy Pet Products™ creates beds, cozies, tents, blankets, cage covers, and more for birds, small mammals, and cats/dogs. Products are designed with pet safety features such as open bottoms and quilting to prevent accidents.